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Picking the Correct Work Boots for Your Job

foot healthFinding the correct work boots for your job is vital for everyone. Whether you are looking for ideal boots for athletics, construction, or any other heavy work, it is important to consider full protection of your feet. Given the many work boot types in the market, this blog post will take you through a number of things to ponder when shopping for your next work boots for your job.

Consider the right protective toes

If you work in an environment wrought with serious hazards, a good proactive toe should not miss on your list of things to consider when looking for work boots.  Industrial employees and craftsmen are the most likely to suffer from toe injuries. So, protective toes such as steel, aluminum, and composite are the ASTM-rated toes that can be perfect depending on your needs and the type of job environment.

Steel protective toes are conventionally popular toe caps. They are heavier than the other toes, but also effective for conducting heat away. However, the latest versions are being designed in a way to reduce bulkiness and weight. The aluminum protective toes are lightweight but thicker than the steel ones, making them a nice choice if you want lightweight work boots for your job. On the other hand, composite toes are bulkiest because they are constructed with plastic and carbon fiber. But they are fit for maintaining feet temperature, as well as for non-metallic working environments.

Choose the right soles

work bootsEven though there is a wide range of materials to make soles, you need to look for a protective, long lasting, and slip-resistant sole material. Depending on your working environment, it is crucial to understand the available options so that you can make a wise decision. If you work in a manufacturing or construction work setting, a rubber outsole can be your good. It is slip, oil, and abrasion resistant, and thus ideal for excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

If you want a better lightweight alternative to rubber outsoles, go for the Thermo Poly Urethane (TPU) outsoles. They are chemical, oil, and abrasion resistant, and therefore suitable for long-wearing. Also, they are tough to resist splitting when working. For those looking for a more stable work boot, the ones with an EVA midsole can do the trick. They are designed with lightweight ethylene vinyl acetate and can disperse weight to offer stability for your feet. They are also flexible and the material cushions your feet comfortably while walking.

Consider additional protective features

work boots for workIf you work in an environment that involve lifting and lowering heavy objects, it is important to keep your feet safe from any falling object. Even those working in construction sites require steel toe work boots with upper foot protection features. Therefore, check if the work boot has metatarsal guards. These are some of the common protective features considered, but some people tend to assume all boots include the upper foot and toe guards. People working in welding conditions where heavy and hot falling objects may be a problem, the metatarsal guards will ensure constant protection to their feet.

Apart from the metatarsal guards, you can as well check the latest protection improvements on various work boots. For instance, the Tough-Tec leather has been incorporated in several work boots’ upper parts to boost upper feet protection. If you are a welder or you work near open fires, you can look for boots made with Kevlar fibers and laces because they don’t melt when accidentally ‘attacked’ by flames.

Consider fit and comfort

The best work boots are those that will leave your feet feeling at ease even after a long-wearing period. Choosing the wrong work boots will make your feet to develop abrasions, blisters, rubbed, or feeling extremely squeezed. If you wear too tight work boots, you are likely to suffer from corns, blisters, or in-grown toenails. Basically, uncomfortable shoes will cause uneasiness in the toe area due to poorly designed protective toe caps.

Sometimes, you may decide to buy leather work boots because they stretch to conform to your foot shape and size. However, this is a different case when it comes to work boots with steel toe protective because they don’t stretch at all. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right size in order to have a comfortable working experience all day long. Before buying, try to test if the boot fits your foot appropriately. if it doesn’t, check another boot with the right width.

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