fox hunting with toy cutter

Fierce Controversy over Fox Conventional Hunting with Toycutter Team

Fox Conventional HuntingThe unconcluded debate about fox hunting ban has been making many Toycutter members feel like screaming. This was evidenced during a recent foxhunting activity where wildlife advocates and activists were in attendance only to raise issues about the ban. For several past years, foxhunting has been a fun outdoor activity in the club and already there is a team expected to be competing in multinational tournaments. Being an established thing that is highly liked by many members, the ban seems not doing any favor to the Toycutter team.

Importance Of Red Dot Sights

The hunting world has been advancing in various aspects as far as overall hunting is concerned. For instance, given the recent introduction of red dot sights to enhance shooting preciseness, many foxhunting enthusiasts are eying to replace the traditional scopes with these new devices. However, the big question is whether they are going to make their fantasies a reality. With the foxhunting ban debate still on the negotiating table, it is a big blow to them and that’s why many of the hunters are out there to do what it takes to have it trashed.

As a member of the Toycutter foxhunting team, I don’t see anything worth debating. I wonder whether most of those fox advocates are realistic about what they claim. They seem not to use their ‘skulls’ properly, and therefore their heads deserve bangs against a wall. I think this will shake their brains and reason together with us. Every hunter who has been in this activity for years, he or she can agree with me that this ban is against our rights of having fun as long as it’s not against human life.

Fox HuntingSurprisingly, one of the fox hunting opposition members has been in hunting for the last 16 years. I remember watching his videos he used to record while hunting and then post them on his blog, which he has already scrapped. Just after he decided to quit the activity, he is now out here to change things out of his selfish interests. For his information, I grew up without interests in hunting animals in the jungle. My favorite outdoor activity was to shoot birds with my air gun and watch as they vanish into clouds of feathers before hitting the ground. Until recently when I realized my potential in fox hunting, and I joined the Toycutter hunting team.

As I write this post, killing foxes for pleasure is not terrible or peculiar at all. It is no different from deer hunting even though many say they do it for wild meat. Whatever the reason, a state license is issued to every hunter regardless of what he or she wants to hunt. In Toycutter, we are already operating legally with valid fox hunting licenses. Those foxhunting opposers don’t want to see us on horses with red jackets chasing foxes down the fields! I must nail it at the head… They need to hold back their grievances and put themselves in our shoes – Yes, ‘we’ the fox hunters with interest!

My strong message is to inform them that no one cares whether a fox is killed or not. After all, these animals are ever consuming sheep and goats around. So far, there is no even a single predator to foxes. This means fox population will continue rising if hunting is banned, meaning the more our livestock will continue to be preyed. Therefore, hunting them will help in controlling their numbers to a manageable level. Furthermore, a dead fox is a poison to other animals in the jungle!

If you want to hunt foxes, that’s should be your business. Go on and find the fun in it. I think the debate should end at this point!

fox hunting with toy cutterWait… Before I just finish my opinion, everyone should know that banning foxhunting is a mess which is pierced with inconsistencies, dishonesty, idiocy, spite, and prejudice. The law is not good because it’s confusing and only concerned about a single animal line – foxes. If it could be a law to protect all animals, I could coil my tail and run away from the issue. And therefore this gives me a solid reason to argue against the foxhunting ban.

The ban is one of the worst instances of the majority’s tyranny to change the course of how people live and do things. Why go on to change things that you don’t do or understand? This was peculiar when I saw tens of visitors to our club chanting anti-foxhunting slogans as they match from one corner to another.

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