How to Start Tennis

Active Sports – How to Start Tennis? What Equipment You Need?

How to Start TennisTennis is one of the popular outdoor sports with a little cost required to get started. You are just going to enjoy meeting new friends and play the game with different sexes. The first thing you need to know is the tennis apparel, keeping in mind that there are men’s and women’s clothing. Check here, GuideTennis editors review most of the products you will need. Alright, you cannot become a pro just in one trial. Subsequent attempts will grow your skills and eventually become a competitive tennis player.

This article will highlight a few tips that can help you understand how to start and learn playing tennis.

Watch others as they play

Watching other tennis players as they play is one of the ways to learn the game. Those matches on the TV can give you some basic understanding. You need to keep noting aspects such as score keeping, player positioning, game plans, and game rules. Tennis rules are easy to master even after watching two to three matches. Apart from watching live matches, you can as well watch past games on YouTube and other media channels. There are also instructional videos that can help you master a few things as you plan to practice in the field later.

Take tennis lessons

tennis playersTennis is a simple game that many people love watching and playing. There are several tennis lessons you can take in private training centers. You will also meet other learners who can give you morale as you practice together. However, you don’t need to over rely on the lessons. You can also organize individual practice during your free time. The best thing is to start practicing forehands and backhands by hitting against a wall. If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or neighbor how he or she started it.

Keep your practice consistent

After the first individual practice, don’t stay too long before having another practice. Don’t ignore the fact that practice makes perfect. The more you practice often, the more you will learn to play. Sometimes, you might feel discouraged when you see your friends doing it better than you. This should not worry you because they were once like you. Keep on practicing and you will be a star soon. But first of all, practice how to hold the racquet firmly.

Train your hands

playing tennisFor instance, use your dominant hand on forehand hits. Let the other hand hit the backhand, but you can also use both hands to get an adequate support of the racquet. As you maintain the ball from flying over the wall, try your best to hit the ball off of the bounce for a number of times. Tennis is not too challenging to learn as you will be surprised how fast you are mastering the game. After several practices, look for a paid pro to have a real taste of the game.

Take group lessons

These are important when you feel necessary. They can be found in public recreational facilities, usually free of charge. If you normally visit private facilities, you will meet other groups there and train together. However, private recreational facilities ask for payments. If your friends are interested in learning tennis, request them to form a group so that you can be practicing together.

Consider a private lesson

This can be helpful if you find it difficult to learn on your own. Although you will pay the professional, he or she will help you learn the basics as soon as possible. However, ensure you attend the lessons frequently so that you don’t forget what you learned in the previous session. Also, take the time to look for someone who will make all the learning sessions fun and lively.

Since you have been practicing on playing singles, you now need to learn how to play doubles with your friends. This is the time to understand what happens when you are near the net. You just need to understand that tennis is a sport played following your own techniques. Anyone can play it as long as he or she can develop techniques to counter the opponent. Don’t be afraid of large sized players because body size doesn’t translate to winning! To win a tennis match, you require certain playing approaches and accuracy when hitting the ball.

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