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AR-15: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

ar-15 rifleIf you are planning to become a licensed gun holder, I will recommend the AR-15 rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle with lots of advantages to offer including its customizability, easy-to-use, and highly accurate. Additionally, AR-15 scope installation is always straightforward. If you are considering buying a scope for your AR-15 you may read this post in detail. These factors probably are the reasons why strong army soldiers use AR-15 rifles when deployed to dangerous missions.

However, there is a drawback you need to know about this rifle. It jams, and this can be very frustrating when you are responding to an enemy or when preparing to shoot. Despite the fact that the rifle might jam at any time, there is a way to keep it reliable throughout. The perfect technique to improve your rifle’s reliability is through keeping it clean.

So, here are the tips to help you achieve that;

Ensure you clean dust, dirt, and debris

Dust, dirt, and debris will interfere with the mechanical system of an AR-15 rifle. It is sophisticatedly designed and sensitive, meaning that even the smallest dust particles can lead to jams in the rifle’s mechanism. The ease of back and forward movement of the bolt is highly affected by any debris. If you realize unfamiliar slow movement of the bolt, disassemble the unit and wipe the dust or dirt with a soft cloth or cotton swabs. You can as well detach the bolt carrier group from the upper receiver so that you can clean the upper receiver and the bolt carrier group independently.

Clean carbon build-up in the barrel

ar 15When carbon builds up in the AR-15 rifle’s action, jams are likely to occur. You could have been cleaning the barrel regularly, but the action is always more sensitive to carbon buildup. So, focus your carbon cleaning task on the star chamber, the bolt, and the bolt carrier itself.  The recommended solvent includes the gun cleaner and CLP, though you can also use the military gun cleaning kits such as Hoppes. If you don’t have these cleaners, you can use kerosene or diesel fuel to get rid of carbon buildup. Those stuck particles on the bolt can be properly removed by scraping the surface with a knife or any other gun pick particularly for scraping carbon off.

Avoid mixing different ammo types

This could be a common mistake given the slight difference between some ammo. For instance, a brass cased .223 and steel cased .223 rounds appear almost similar physically. The two types of rounds differ in the material casing; the steel round is normally covered with polymer. When you fire a steel round, the polymer melts and sticks on the rifle’s action. Though this cannot be a problem when other steel rounds are used subsequently, using a brass round in your next shot can cause jam problem because the polymer sticks to brass casings. The solution to prevent the jams, clean the action thoroughly before using different ammunition.

Keep the action lubricated when using for a longer shooting period

longer shooting with ar 15Your rifle’s action needs lubrication at least once if you are going to use it for a longer shooting period. You can use the CLP or any other lubricant suitable for guns. Applying some lubrication into the rifle’s action and the bolt is helpful, however, remember to move the bolt back and forth for a thorough lubricant coating. Allow the rifle to rest for several minutes before you start shooting. Keeping the AR-15 rifle’s action dry throughout a long shooting period can cause it to jam.

Check the magazine performance

Even though jam issues are associated with dirty and dusty rifle’s action, the magazine can also be a source of the problem if you have cleaned the rifle thoroughly and still, jams are occurring. Test the magazine’s performance by cycling several rounds in order to examine how the magazine feeds the action with bullets. If you have an extra magazine, try to see if the jam is persistent. If the magazine is the cause of the jamming issue, try sanding the magazine’s area near the bullet’s tip to make it a bit smoother. If this doesn’t work, you can make an arrangement of buying a new magazine.

In conclusion, it is important to keep your gun cleaning kit with the essential tools such as cotton swabs, toothpick (gun pick), a cloth rag, knife, a gun cleaner, and lubricant. This will also allow you to clean your gun often without waiting until you notice jams.

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