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Toycutter is an outdoor blog that publishes informational materials about a fictional outdoor activity club. We understand that many people have lots of wisdom to pass on to the world, but they are let down by status quo of content publishing and sharing, which blocks their voices from being heard. When we publish informational pieces about self-health improvement such as analyzing your running gait so that you can choose the right running shoes, we feel in a great position to make a positive impact on someone’s life somewhere.

We decide what content goes on the website based on the issues deemed vital to us, not what sells more media. Contributors write content what matters to humans such as the hearing protection tips, which reflects the factual ideas that are thought to be helpful to certain groups of people out there. Our contributors also put into consideration healthy outdoor activities such as baseball and tennis games, and therefore creatively write long articles to express specific tips to encourage those individuals.

One of our goals is to make things personal by spending time with content you truly care about such as the controversy about foxhunting ban. This also takes care of the diverse people in different parts of the world who have different lifestyles. The same people deserve knowledge about the technological changes to bring changes in the way they do things like in the hunting world. We also direct our content to people working in various environments who may need health pieces of advice. That’s why our contributors created a long post to help them choose the right work boots based on their needs.

We open up new perspectives to enrich the lives of our readers. Our contributors are open to opportunity discoveries, diverse thinking, and generation of new ideas. Our content is refined for improved reading by combining best of world’s ideas. The contribution is fairly done under the certain guidance of a team of experienced editors in order to provide more rewarding content.