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5 Summer Activities that May Endanger Your Hearing

endanger our hearingDid you know that some of the summer activities endanger our hearing capabilities? Here the 5 activities that can damage your hearing.

Enjoying music at a local park

Many local parks usually hold music events organized for the visitors to enjoy their summer days. They can be live performances by local musicians or just music for entertainment purposes. Obviously, music is played in high volumes which can affect your hearing if the ears are exposed to the noise for a prolonged period of time. This is not just for the people attending the music event but also the musicians themselves. Therefore, it is advisable to use earplugs when you are at concerts.

There are many types of earplugs in the market to choose from depending on quality and cost. However, you can give your ears a break if you don’t have hearing protection devices. After like an hour, move away from the noisy place so that your ears can refresh and restore some of the internal complex functionalities. Don’t forget ears are highly sophisticated and once seriously damaged, it is extremely difficult to repair even through medical procedures.

Participating in a shooting competition

Visible Sounds This is an interesting outdoor activity during summer. However, it should be done with a lot of caution because the shooting bang sounds are very destructive to ear drums. The sound exceeds the recommended intensity that can be accommodated by the ears. But you may not notice if your ears are already overworking to sustain the high sounds. So, you need to use shooting earplugs while in the field even if you are not participating.

Some people overlook the issue of using hearing protection devices. Hearing loss may occur instantly after a single shot or just after many shots. You can even stay for years without noticing hearing loss, but over time you start losing hearing abilities. Don’t wait until this time comes. Wear shooting earplugs to keep your ears protected as early as possible.

Taking road trips while playing loud music

This is fun, especially to young men and women who are in the teenage age. They will play loud music in the car or van so that they can nice up the day, which okay to them. As much as you want to make the day memorable, it is good to protect your hearing. If you cannot play low music, ensure you have earplugs to keep your ears healthy and safe from those destructive sounds. The car stereo systems are very strong, especially the modern car systems. They will produce unbearable upbeats which can cause serious hearing loss. If you came home after a road trip and already you hear a ringing sound in your ears that is one of the signs of hearing loss. Therefore, next time ensure you have a hearing protection device.

Attending a live concert

loud music affect hearingMany people will not want to miss live music concerts during summer. But, you need to wear hearing protective devices to ensure your ears stay safe while in the social hall or theater. Some people like booking spaces just near the speakers to enjoy music to the fullest. It is alright, but it is safer if you are wearing hearing protection such as earplugs.

It is not a must to wear earplugs. Also, earmuffs offer maximum protection to ears. You can also search the internet to see the available hearing protection options and choose what is suitable for your ears. If you haven’t bought your earplugs and you are at a noisy concert, it will be wise to give your ears a break. Don’t expose your ears to that excessive noise all night long. That noise can damage your ears, and no medical treatment to restore already damaged hearing ability.

Rifle hunting

One of the important things to ponder when going out to hunt with a gun is that you have some sort of hearing protection for your ears during a shooting incident. The last thing every gun hunter would want is to suffer from hearing loss or develop aggravating ringing sounds in the ears. Whether earplugs or shooting earmuffs, ensure you have them in your backpack as you step out of the house.

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