Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fifth Element Mighty Muggs (and more)

Mondoshawans and Aknot from The Fifth Element, Terminator, and more custom Mighty Muggs by Epic Customs.

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  1. wow, these custom muggs are the best i've seen, nice attention to detail, originality, great sculpting all around, are they for sale?

  2. Hey thank you for your interest it really means alot to me and I appreciate It very much!! The customs that you see are all commissioned work. I accept a few a month at the moment until I get enough extra time to work on more!! I will make a few for sale outside of my commissions but this will be in the months to follow!! Feel free to shoot me an email@
    for a personal quote or any other more serious inquiries!!

    Again thank you very much for your awesome feed back, comments, and critique!!

    Much love

    -Epic Customs