Friday, August 14, 2009

Nazi Hellboy (and more)

Day five of Custom Con 23 includes the following custom action figures:

1. Pocket Heroes Series 5

2. Elven King, King's Guard, Nazi Hellboy, Redesigned Hellboy, and Trevor Bruttenholm by Sillof.

3. Justice League Unlimited: Static, Puzzler, Legacy Superman, Hro Talak, Commissioner Gordon, Crimson Avenger, Crazy Quilt, Batman Beyond Green Lantern (Kai Ro), and Batman Beyond Superman.

4. Teen Titans GO!: Cyborg, Kid Flash, Starfire, Blackfire, Robin, Aqualad, Red Star, Slade, Mento, Negative Man.

*See more custom Hellboy toys here.

*Buy Hellboy toys at eBay.

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