Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Autobot X (Transformers)

Custom Transformer by Michael Accardi:
"Autobot X" (or Autobot Spike) was custom built with the parts of about 100 "junker" transformers and other robotic toys. He has over 50 points of articulation/moving parts.

Some cool features
- Eyes light up
- Left Forearm opens for gun attachment
- Left upper arm opens to reveal gears
- Right arm has laser light built in
- Small button on back triggers "Transforming noise"
- 2nd small button on back triggers other sound effects
- Batteries are all easily replaceable
- Head was scratch built (using a Sigma 6 GI Joe for the face)
- Hydraulic on back of right leg really works
- Several parts are die cast and were cut to size and shape
- Over 11" tall
More photos here.

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