Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Action figures from the movies of Terry Gilliam

The incredible Sillof is back with his second tremendous set of custom action figures this week. This time, it's action figures from the movies of Terry Gilliam.

James Cole from 12 Monkeys:

12 Monkeys: James Cole by ~sillof on deviantART

Baron Munchhausen:

Baron Munchhausen by ~sillof on deviantART

Harry Tuttle, Jack Lint, and Sam Lowry from Brazil:

Brazil: Harry Tuttle by ~sillof on deviantART

Brazil: Jack Lint by ~sillof on deviantART

Sam Lowry by ~sillof on deviantART

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  1. All great but that Munchhausen is incredible!

  2. May I make a suggestion, King Agamemnon from Gilliam's beloved Time Bandits. That would be awesome indeed!!!