Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coraline Magic Box

*I'm posting links to all of the boxes as I find them here. And I started a website that's all about the Coraline ad campaign.

I received a magical box from the makers of Coraline, who after all, are basically the world's greatest custom toy makers.

You can see another box here that's completely different from the one I received.

One of the items in my box was a key, and the tag on the key is labeled with a password for the official site for the Coraline movie. Below are the codes I'm aware of. Each one reveals a different short video:

stopmotion [Making of the figures and sets.]
buttoneyes [Introduction to the "cast."]
moustachio [A stop motion short about Bo Henry's dancing mustache]
puppetlove [Henry Selick considers how we look to the puppets.]
armpithair [Suzanne Moulton shows how she gives the puppets armpit hair.]
sweaterxxs [Althea Crome knits tiny sweaters.]

My deepest thanks to Coraline team. I was absolutely touched to receive this.


  1. Hi,
    I just saw the trailer and now I cannot wait to watch the movie in February.
    Do you know by chance if there's anyway a paper model available for Coraline or any other character from the movie?


  2. I haven't seen any. Haven't seen any mention of merchandise yet, either.

  3. I saw the line of static figures that will be sold by Forbidden Planet but only starting from next year

  4. Would you mind posting the paragraph of the letter that tells why your blog was selected to receive the gift? Thanks!

    Number 37
    Stephen Worth

  5. That is so awesome!!! I just posted about mine here if you are interested:

  6. Hello hello. I stumbled across an alley while lost in lower east side Manhattan. Upon the wall was a strip of Coraline wallpaper and stapled to the base was a key. A black key of exactly the same shape as the ones in your photos. I had never heard of any of this before. I am intrigued. Is there something I could, or indeed should, do? I am titillated.

  7. I assume you mean a black key with a button shape at one end and the Coraline url? Like one of these:

    I'd love to see a photo and know exactly where you found it. They've been found in various big cities, but I haven't heard of anything you're supposed to do with it. (Other than visit the official site).

  8. Aweeeesssommmeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Hey there! I was at a book store in Boston, Massachusetts today, and came across a whole PILE of the keys in the children's section! I had no idea their significance at the time, and the employees just told me it was free to take, so I took three home with me.
    I'm still pretty clueless as to what we can do with these... (if anything?)
    Great blog, btw~

  10. You should give them out to friends that don't already know about Coraline. As far as I know, they're just cool keys. (But if you're hard up for money, they're selling for a decent amount of money at eBay.)

  11. kewl i do love this movie i guess im going to go go see it after all , very popular by me , im going to see with my button eyes

  12. i need to buy original coraline doll pleaseeeeee,my name is Mariam Rurua...Tnx